Become a vendor

If you would like to become a vendor for our next event, that's amazing! Please fill out our vendor form so we have all your details. We will then contact you after we have reviewed all the applications for the next event and confirm if we can allocate you a space.

Allocation of Tables

We are a boutique market concept, which means that we have limited spaces at our events. We host our markets at inspiring venues in the communities of your target audience but this also means that we have to be flexible in our floor plans. We have to adapt to different layouts and different tables with various sizes for each venue. On top of that weather conditions and convenience in set up and parking varies per venue. We ask for your understanding in our concept; that rotating venues and reaching out to new audiences is beneficial for your sales at our events. 

Additionally, we would like to explain that although we would love to work with your brand on an ongoing basis we can not always do so. Keeping our offering for our visitor's fresh means that we rotate brands and that we can not always allocate you a table even though we love your brand and setup. 

Why change a concept that works for everyone? We do it for the long-term success of our markets in maintaining a good buying audience as a result of "a new vibe" for each event.

Why you haven't be approved or can't participate again

  1. TimeLine. We work with a time slot for brands to sign up. 

  2. Limited Space. Please understand we can't allocate tables to all interested brands. If we can't host you this time we hope to see you at a future event.

  3. We rotate brands. We aim to inspire our customers and keep things fresh. This keeps customers returning and ensures sales. 

  4. Support.  Brands are asked to support the marketing of the event since inviting your own following creates a high-quality customer base at the event for your fellow vendors. If you are not able to support us with this we won't be able to collaborate with your brand.


How we select vendors

  1. Brands that fit in with the theme of our market. For example Christmas - we would look for gifting options.

  2. The quality of the products. We love to support all kinds of businesses however if we find your products are not in line with the quality standards of our market we, unfortunately, won't be able to accommodate your brand.

  3. Brands that our customers are likely to buy. We know and understand our customer's needs and shopping behavior.  If we don't think your products match our brand then we won't be able to provide you with a spot. 

Why work with us and how we operate

  1. Run by moms for moms. We are all about supporting each other and understanding that we have, aside from our businesses, other things to worry about.  As mumpreneurs we multitask: managing customers, admin and finance & thinking about what to put in the kids lunch boxes at the same time. We understand your time is precious and therefore the markets are on weekdays, in the morning, so you don't have to spend your weekend away from your family.  

  2. A unique approach that works. Partly Marketing is done by ourselves and partly it's done by the vendors. This ensures we have the highest quality of audience coming over to our events. We will do the work and create and share all the individual artwork and send to you to share.

How to book and next steps

  1. Fill out the vendor form - link at the top of the page. 

  2. Places are limited - we get booked up very fast. 

  3. We need some time - to process all applications but will get back to you. If approved we will send an invoice and payment details

  4. Payment - Only once we have received the payment is your table 100% confirmed. If payment can not be completed within 24 hours after receiving details please contact us otherwise we will replacing with another brand.


Packages available



  • Space: 2 by 2 meter (including the space with your chair) 

  • Table 2 by 1 meter 

  • 1 x Personalized Artwork 

  • 1 x Social media post 

  • Discounted Food and beverage 

Package Cost:

295 AED

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  • Space: 4 by 2 meter (including the space with your chair) 

  • Table 2 by 1 meter 

  • 2 x Personalised Artwork 

  • 2 x Social media post 

  • Discounted Food and beverage 

Package Cost:

495 AED

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  •  4 by 2 meter (including the space with your chair) 

  • Table 2 by 1 meter 

  • 4 x Personalised Artwork 

  • 4 x Social media post 

  • Discounted Food and beverage 

  • Prime location at the event (near the entrance, exit or play area) and additional space (Double space 1 table) 

  • Free usage of art easel 

  • Option to gift to visitors

  • Option to send email to our database

  • Option to promote on our website

Package Cost:


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